Through collaboration with both national and international partners, we were able to convene an impactful and meaningful Beloved Community Global Summit. Patricia ensured logistics related to vetting, scheduling and preparing program moderators and participants met stated deadlines, and that everyone clearly understood their role for the event... Projects and Plans made an indelible impact as part of the 2021 and 2022 King Holiday Observance Planning Team, managed in collaboration with The King Center.

Rosalind D. McGinnis, Principal

3D Management Enterprise, Inc.


Your event requires detailed attention in order to achieve your execution requirements. Relax, you don’t have to be the life of the party to “bring life to the party.” That’s our job.

Projects & Plans, LLC will manage the planning components of your event and offer onsite project management during the days of your event.

From start to finish, Projects & Plans, LLC will assist you with the critical components related to your event planning and management:
  • Content Development
  • Coordination Logistics
  • Exhibition & Signage
  • Entertainment
  • Floor Plan & Attendee Management
  • Production
  • Theming, Décor & Design
  • Venue Sourcing

Projects & Plans, LLC believes:

  • Event planning should be frustration free for individuals, families and organizations alike
  • Event management is an extension of collaborative endeavor(s) to provide superior execution
  • Memories from your event should be remembered for years to come.